Key features of CFS CCTV systems

Based on industry-leading video technology, the security cameras and recording equipment we recommend use the power of modern connectivity to stream and record high quality surveillance footage to your smart devices an PC’s via apps catering for all your business security needs.

CFS Wireless Video Detection

Simple and cost-effective property security

Since vacant sites and properties are uncontrolled environments, video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms.

CFS Wireless Video Detection provides portability and can be deployed rapidly and moved around from site to site.

The indoor and outdoor PIRs have integrated cameras which generate

10 second video clips upon activation. Our products can integrate with smart devices and PC’s allowing the alarms and video clips to be sent directly to stake holders on their smartphones and/or to a control room.

Our operator can view and manage alarms through a simple web browser (no expensive hardware or software required). This platform contains a full audit trail of who has opened the alarm.

✔ Void/vacant properties

✔ Indoor and outdoor protection

✔ Video verification

✔ Eliminates false alarms

✔ Mains free panel and devices

✔ Up to 4 years battery life

✔ Rapid deployment capability

✔ Guard enhancement

✔ Simple system arm/disarm

Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower

Maximium Protection from vandalism and theft 24/7

Unmonitored and uprotected sites can be a target for vandals and thieves!!

With the use of a rapid deployment CFS CCTV Tower, we can protect your equipment, assets and brand.

This latest addition to our security solutions provides a smarter way to protect vulnerable sites, combining cutting edge technology and service to give you peace of mind that your assets are being monitored 24/7.

No need to buy – Hire as required

Our rapid deployment CCTV Towers are available to hire, making storage of a tower unobtrusive.

Eyes on Site 24/7

Towers can run 24/7, ensuring eyes on site 24/7.

Portable – Easy to move

Easy to transport, towers are adept to wide range of solutions

Low Cost – A more cost-effective solution to a security guard

A fraction of the cost to on site security

Crystal Clear – HD quality images

All footage is recorded in HD quality

Reliable – Reduced false alarms

Intelligent learning video analytics running, towers will see minimal false alarm activations

SIA Approved Security Response – Rapid response to all verified activations

All verified activations are responded to by our rapid response team

Numerous Applications – Our towers are very adaptable

Can be used for construction sites, vacant properties, remote sites etc etc.

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